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Mogo Chat
opensource team chat application


Works on mobile devices

Supports code snippets and IRC-style /me messages

Visual and sound notifications for messages

...and comes with an API. All of this licensed under the MIT License.


(in no particular order)
  • Hugs to Kenneth for the layout revamp of this site, which I then dirtied to my whim in order to add this section :)
  • Thanks to Prakhar & Rasagy for being available to bug for feedback.
  • Butterflies to Paulami for the crying shoulder, when everything seemed screwed up.
  • Thanks to Chris McCord for hurrying up with features in the Phoenix framework whenever I required it.
  • Thank you & a full day gaming session to Kailash for pinging me, when I really needed to talk (telepathy stuff) :)
  • Bits and bytes to my side-project buddy Roshan for allowing to be pinged all the time.
  • Thanks and prepaid mobile credits to Shoib for calling me regularly to check my vital signs :D
  • Offer of being a regular movie-going-buddy to Riyaz, because he pushed me to complete this stuff.
  • XOXO to the guys on the Elixir IRC channel, especially Eric, Jose Valim and Johnny.
  • And "hello" to aliens visiting our planet. (You thought we didn't know?)

Yes, this is the end of the page :)